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Poultry Incinerator

Why a Bodo Poultry Incinerator?

  • Traditional methods of disposal are now becoming
  • Gas fired (LPG) and requires no electricity

  • Eliminates the spread of disease to other locations

  • High Temperature reduces carcasses to fine ash

  • No land space wasted for burial

  • Eliminates water table contamination

  • Reduces the attraction of flies and vermin

  • Incineration is now considered the most hygienic
    method of disposal of animal carcasses

  • Conforms to Defra and European Type Approval of low capacity incinerators

  • Typical burn rate (Kg/Hr) 35/40

Incinerator technical specification

Make: Poultry Incinerator
Model: 002 LGE-SC

Complies to Local Planning Permission and Bylaws.

For more details download our Norfolk Incinerator Manual and please contact us for a full technical specification.

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The Poultry Incinerator

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The Norfolk Incinerator Manual

Bodo Poultry Incinerator Instructions